Grilled Beets, Butternut and Bleu Cheese Salad

beet, butternut and bleu cheese salad

  Fall weather seems to bring out in me a desire for earthy, comfort flavors.  This recipe has grilled beets, grilled butternut squash and bleu cheese that definitely fits the bill.  I like to call it my “Triple B Salad.”  I love the contrast between the earthiness of the beets and the light, sweet flavor […]

Easy Smoked Cauliflower

  Have you ever smoked cauliflower before?  It’s so easy and delicious, you’ll be wondering why you never did!  I’m a big believer in looking for “ride along” items- recipes that can go in the same sm0ker I’m using for my main dish.  Smoked cauliflower is definitely one of those, and this one happily rode […]

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Do you Couscous? Couscous is one of my favorite pastas, and I love the way it takes up flavor!  This Mediterranean Couscous salad is packed full of flavor and delicious morsels of flavor, so I make it quite often.  For this recipe, I add in cranberries, cucumbers, walnuts, peppers and cilantro, but the beauty is […]

SMASHED New Potatoes

Smashed potatoes has  become one of my favorite ways to cook potatoes lately!  They still retain some of the “creaminess” from a properly cooked potato, but you can also get some wonderfully crispy texture as well. What kind of potatoes? For making smashed new potatoes, I usually use “new” potatoes.  They don’t have to be […]

Southern Deviled Eggs with chive-truffle vinaigrette

Deviled eggs are among the most Southern of items, and you absolutely must have a recipe available to you.  Take heart, they’re exceedingly simple.  However, sometimes you need to freshen up a classic recipe, and the addition of a simple, chive-truffle vinaigrette takes them to a whole new level. Deviled eggs everywhere! In case you […]

Poblano Creamed Corn

Poblano Creamed Corn is a super easy side dish to make, and is one of my all time faves!  I grew up in Mississippi, and creamed corn graced many a table for dinner.   Here’s a quick video to show you how easy it is! (Do me a favor- if you like the video, please […]

Hot Sauce Infused Cacio e Pepe

cacio e pepe

Cacio e Pepe, translated as “cheese and pepper,” is a simple pasta dish that is a favorite specialty of Rome.  It is one of my favorite dishes, as it has that “comfort food” quality that I love so much.  I do like to jazz it up a little by usually adding some bacon, which adds […]

Maple Chipotle Baked Beans from Scratch

Good side items at any BBQ party are mandatory, and with a little work can be the star of the show!  At any outdoor picnic, baked beans are good.  However, maple chipotle baked beans made from scratch are awesome!  Revel in the recipe requests from your friends and family, soak up the adoration from those poor […]

Creamy Cole Slaw

Creamy Cole slaw is one of the most common side items served with a BBQ meal.  I always have it make an appearance when I cook BBQ, ribs, or smoked chicken.  Cole slaw is simple to make, fresh and really sets a nice contrast against smoked pork or beef.  Coleslaw is simply shredded or chopped green […]

Balsamic Grilled Veggies

Summertime is fresh vegetable time, and I try to use them as often as possible.  One of my favorite ways is to marinate some fresh asparagus, bell peppers, onions and portobellos in balsamic dressing  Of course, for something like this, most any veggies will do.  Summertime dinner should be about relaxing, enjoying the outdoors with […]