Easy Smoked Cauliflower


Have you ever smoked cauliflower before?  It’s so easy and delicious, you’ll be wondering why you never did!  I’m a big believer in looking for “ride along” items- recipes that can go in the same sm0ker I’m using for my main dish.  Smoked cauliflower is definitely one of those, and this one happily rode along with a delicious smoked chicken.

Here’s the recipe, but don’t tell anyone how easy it is!

This is really more of a simple process than a recipe.  Simply take a head of cauliflower and trim the base so it will sit evenly.  Remove any leaves at the bottom.  Mix 2 tablespoons of your favorite BBQ rub (mine just happens to be Memphis Barbecue Company Ultimate BBQ Rub) with a quarter cup of olive oil.  Using a pastry brush, brush the head of cauliflower with the mixture.  Place in 275 degree smoker and baste every 10-15 minutes.  Cauliflower will be done in around 50 minutes.  Doneness is a matter of preference, I like mine softened but not mushy.  When you take the cauliflower out, you can either slice it like a pie, or cut off the florets and serve them.  I like to sprinkle just a little more of the seasoning on the florets before serving.

See, didn’t I tell you my Easy Smoked Cauliflower would be a snap to make?

But here’s a big hint- it looks like you invested much more time into it than it took, so don’t tell anyone!  They’ll think you really worked hard on it! You can also take it really next level side dish by removing the florets after smoking, placing in a casserole dish, covering with your favorite cheese and putting under a broiler until the cheese is melted.  It’s OMG good!

A couple of notes on timing and temperature

As I said, I smoked the one in the video at around 275 degrees.  That’s pretty much my go to temp for most things these days, though I have been known to “roll smoke” at 350 and higher.   I know at 275 that a whole smoked chicken will take me about an hour and 40 minutes. So, I simply put in the cauliflower into the smoker after the chicken has been cooking for 50 minutes.  If I’m cooking larger items (a pork butt for example,) I’ll put it in right when I pull out the butt, and allow the butt (or brisket, etc) to rest while the cauliflower cooks.  It’s so easy that you really can’t mess it up.

Y’all have a great day, and enjoy the grill!

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