Easy Cajun Seasoning

Everybody loves a little bit of spicy cajun food now and then, so I wanted to share my Easy Cajun Seasoning recipe.  Don’t worry, this is not too spicy. I like my Cajun or Creole food to have a gentle warmth, so the ingredient can shine in the dish. Cajun vs Creole Food Sometimes these […]

Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

I’ve had tons of requests to post some BBQ Sauce recipes on my site.  I’ve always been a believer in making your own sauces and seasoning blends as it allows you to customize your flavors.  While I have included several sauce recipes in my cookbooks (hint, hint,) I’ve never had one on my website.  Well, […]

Southwest Lamb Seasoning

I made this Southwest Lamb Seasoning blend up a while ago to play around with some racks of lamb.  I knew the method I wanted to cook the lamb, and I also knew I would need a robust seasoning blend to stand up with my cooking method. I am so pleased with this seasoning, I […]

Delicious Olive Salad (great for muffulettas!)

A great olive salad makes a great muffuletta sandwich, and I love a good muffuletta sandwich! If you haven’t had one, it’s a delicious sandwich that started in New Orleans from Sicilian immigrants.  It uses a large round loaf of sesame bread, with a crispy crust but a nice soft interior.  While recipes vary, it […]

Chili Rub

Chili rubs are among my favorite seasoning blends with which to cook. I really love the rounded flavors that chilis bring to cooking.  When people think of chili powders, chili rubs or chilis in general, the first thought that comes to mind is hot and spicy.  I do like a little heat in my food […]

Sweet Memphis BBQ Rub

When I started in the competitive BBQ world, I thought everyone made their own BBQ seasonings and sauces.  This recipe is the basic recipe that I used and honed over the years.  For competitions, I add a bit more “oomph” to it, but for cooking at the house this is still my go-to rub for […]

Melissa’s Southwest Seasoning Blend

Ok, before you look at all the ingredients this southwest seasoning recipe requires, let me tell you that this will be wonderful on grilled chicken, as a seasoning for pork, or any type of grilled beef.  One of my favorite uses is in my Southwest Skirt Steak Tacos!  It is has layers of flavor that […]

Grillin’ Shake Seasoning Blend

My Grillin’ Shake is my go to grill seasoning recipe, especially for steaks and chops. Large pieces of meat, especially well marbled beef or chops, need a robust seasoning when grilling.  This is a salt-first, robust seasoning blend.  I first made it years ago for use in cooking steaks, and I’ve found that it works […]