Easy Cajun Seasoning

Everybody loves a little bit of spicy cajun food now and then, so I wanted to share my Easy Cajun Seasoning recipe.  Don’t worry, this is not too spicy. I like my Cajun or Creole food to have a gentle warmth, so the ingredient can shine in the dish.

Cajun vs Creole Food

Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, but they really aren’t.  They refer to two distinct ethnic groups, and the cuisines that evolved from each.  Due to the close geographical proximity, the foods have been thrown under one umbrella by many people.  The short answer is this, Creole food uses tomatoes or tomato sauces and cajun food doesn’t.  Creole food evolved more in the cities, and is more refined.  Cajun food is from the country (swamp areas) and is more rustic.  All this is just an FYI.  Both are delicious and deserve to be tasted in your house.

Easy Cajun Seasoning

With all of my seasoning blends,  I usually make more than a recipe calls for and store in an airtight bottle.  Don’t keep your seasonings around forever.  Spices quickly lose their aromas and flavors, and will make you wonder “what did I do wrong with this recipe this time?”  You didn’t, the spices just changed and don’t have the pizzazz they once did.  So, make your seasoning blends, and keep them for around 3 months.  If you haven’t used them by then, ditch them and start new.  Anyway, on to the recipe.

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Easy Cajun Seasoning


This quick and easy Cajun seasoning blend is worthwhile to make and store in your kitchen for any time you want that zesty Cajun flavor.  Store in an airtight container after preparing and keep up to 3 months.



2 TBS Hungarian Paprika

1.5 TBS kosher salt

1.5 TBS garlic Powder

½ TBS black pepper

½ TBS onion powder

½ TBS dried oregano

1 tsp cayenne


Mix all ingredients and store in an airtight bottle.