My Last Memphis in May

Melissa with whole hog

The Memphis in May World BBQ Cooking Contest has been extremely good to me.  Though I have competed and won (and lost)  in many BBQ contests, Memphis in May, or MIM as we call it around here, has always been the pinnacle of BBQ in my life.  A large part of that is regional- in […]

World JR BBQ League Contest in Guatemala

Hot on the heels of our first international World JR BBQ C0ntest in the Cayman Islands, we also had a contest in Guatemala!  I must say, I was very impressed as the teams really showed amazing planning, preparation, and teamwork throughout the whole event.  They made delicious marinades and sauces from scratch, timed out their […]

World JR BBQ League Contest in the Cayman Islands!

A few years ago I started a 501(c)3 charity, the World Junior BBQ League (  The main aim of the charity is to help create BBQ events for young people. Our teens should be involved in more than just video games.  I want them to learn teamwork, work ethic, planning skills, leadership, and so much […]

The Pitmaster Interviews!

Every year at Memphis in May, I like to masquerade as an “embedded reporter” and ask champion pitmasters the hard-hitting questions, like what toppings do you put on hot dogs, or do they prefer tighty-whities or boxers!  We always get asked about cooking BBQ, so I just think it’s fun to chew the fat about […]

Memphis in May BBQ Contest 2018

Melissa cooking BBQ

Whew!  Memphis in May 2018 is in the books, and it was a hot one!  The Memphis in May BBQ Contest 2018 was a fun filled, crazy event that seriously gives me goosebumps every year. While I didn’t score as well as I hoped, it was a super busy week and I got to see […]

Sweet Memphis BBQ Rub

When I started in the competitive BBQ world, I thought everyone made their own BBQ seasonings and sauces.  This recipe is the basic recipe that I used and honed over the years.  For competitions, I add a bit more “oomph” to it, but for cooking at the house this is still my go-to rub for […]

Memphis in May 2017 in Review

Memphis in May 2017 CATCHING OUR BREATH. WHAT A WEEK! Whew! The 2017 Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (known around the BBQ circuit as Memphis in May or just MIM) is in the books! We had a crazy, intense and wonderful week, culminating in winning our fifth Whole Hog World Championship! We […]

Blues Hog BBQ and Music Festival- March 31-April 1, 2017 Savannah TN

If you have been around competitive BBQ at all, you’ve heard of Blues Hog BBQ Sauce.  For years it has ranked very high as one of the winning sauces in KCBS sanctioned contests, and many top competitors use it on their products.  Blues Hog also sponsors a BBQ contest, which has been held in Jackson, […]

Tupelo BBQ Duel- March 17-19

Over the last couple few years, I haven’t been able to compete in BBQ contests as much as I’ve liked.  I’ve still been able to compete at the Memphis in May World BBQ Championship, but not much else.  Last year, we thought about competing more, and then decided to open our new restaurant, STEAK by […]