The Pitmaster Interviews!

Every year at Memphis in May, I like to masquerade as an “embedded reporter” and ask champion pitmasters the hard-hitting questions, like what toppings do you put on hot dogs, or do they prefer tighty-whities or boxers!  We always get asked about cooking BBQ, so I just think it’s fun to chew the fat about other things.  You’ll get to know another side of these guys by watching the videos!

Which Pitmasters get interviews?

When I select my targets, I really put a lot of thought into acquiring interesting people.  Pretty much, my process goes like this:  which friends can I trick into coming into my area and sitting down and talking about goofy things.  That’s it, a pretty tough process!  Everybody has been a good sport about it, and so fun.  In 2021, I talk with Myron Mixon, Rasheed Philips, Tuffy Stone, Hank Vaiden, and Heath Riles. That’s some pretty dang good Pitmasters!

Well, where are the videos?

Please go to my Youtube and subscribe if you haven’t already.  I’ve been working on a lot of content for the channel, and I’ll be putting out new things all year!  As I post the Pitmaster Interviews on my channel, I’ll put a link below on this post, so check back often! I’m also linking my 2019 Pitmaster interview video, so check it out too!

Myron Mixon- 2021

Rasheed Philips- 2021

Multiple Pitmasters, 2019

Hank Vaiden

Heath Riles https