Honey Peach Babyback Ribs

My new Honey Peach Rub is now available!  I’ve been developing this for a while, and it is amazing on chicken and pork.  I knew I had to work on a rib recipe for it, and I went all-in on some beautiful Prairie Fresh USA Prime® Ribs to make these delicious Honey Peach Babyback Ribs! […]

Smoked Birria Tacos Recipe

MMMMM, birria tacos.  If you haven’t had birria tacos before, you really must make them.  They are just absolutely full of flavor, redolent with earthy spices, and just a wonderful way to enjoy a Taco Tuesday, or any day for that matter.  As usual, I decided to add some nuance and extra flavor to thes […]

Smoked Turnip Greens on a Pellet Grill

I grew up in rural Mississippi, and much of our diet was what we grew or could raise.  I grew up eating turnip greens, boiled and sauteed cabbage, pinto beans, cornbread, etc.  Really, all the “soul food” items.  But they’re more than soul food, they’re country food.  We could grow turnip greens easily enough, so, […]

BBQ Chicken in Pink Butcher Paper

Smoking foods wrapped in pink butcher paper should not be reserved just for briskets.   I’ve cooked many meats in pink butcher paper and find it to be excellent for adding smokiness and retaining moisture in just about any smoked meat.  This recipe for BBQ chicken in pink butcher paper is one of those, and […]

Smoked Prime Rib

smoked prime rib

MMMMmmm.  If there is one dish out there that is so utterly delicious, I think I’ve yet to find it.  Smoked Prime Rib.  Now, say that again and just close your eyes and let the ultra beefiness and smoke flavor just roll over your memories.  Wow, just wow.  At this year’s Memphis in May BBQ […]

Asian Glazed Smoked Pheasant

glazed pheasant

If you’re not a hunter in the midwest, pheasant is not a game bird with much awareness.  However, it is truly delectable when cooked properly, and should be more popular.  This recipe for Asian glazed smoked pheasant turned out really well, and I was pleased to serve it to some friends.  If you get the […]

Smoked Chicken “Peruvian Style”

Smoked chicken has always been a favorite of mine.  It’s simple, flavorful and easy to cook.  However, sometimes you just want to take the flavors up a few notches, and this recipe definitely does that.  Read on for my “Smoked Chicken Peruvian Style” recipe! International flavor time! For the last few months, I’ve been working […]