Smoked Buffalo Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloins don’t get nearly enough ink as an all-around excellent dinner option.  They’re hard to overcook, easy to portion, and take any flavor profile you want to give them.  Like American BBQ?  Ok.  How about Asian-flavored- perfect.  Thinking a bit more Mediterranean?  Well, they’ll be excellent in that as well.  This recipe for Smoked […]

Smoked Beef Rib Bites

Beef spare and back ribs get short-shrift in the PR department.  Pork ribs, beef plate ribs, (those “dinosaur” ribs you see,) and beef short ribs always get the big love on pics and posts.  But I’m here to tell you when you cook beef ribs into Beef Rib Bites as I do in this recipe, […]

Smoked Lemon Pepper Spatchcock Chicken

I really love smoked chicken, but a lot of recipes are just a heavy, BBQ flavor that’s just too potent sometimes.  My recipe for Smoked Lemon Pepper Spatchcock Chicken has a beautiful, light, citrus flavor as the prevalent note.  However, I love those umami mid-flavors, so I used my Garlic Blend as an addition for […]

Lucky 7 Smoked Salmon with Whole Grain Honey Mustard

I have several recipes on my blog with smoked salmon.  It’s a really versatile dish, it’s easy to cook, and most people like salmon.  So, if you’re picking a dinner item for a group, it’s a good choice.  For this dish, I slow smoked the salmon to 145 degrees, resulting in a much different texture […]

Sticky Smoked Dinosaur Ribs with Udon

As I may have mentioned a few times, I really like combining different flavors and cultures to create a new taste.  Massive chuck short ribs, or “Dinosaur Ribs” are one of my favorite things to smoke.  I have several recipes on this blog about cooking them, which I’ll link below. This recipe, Sticky Smoked Dinosaur […]

White Buffalo Sauce

This easy recipe for my White Buffalo Sauce is a zesty accent sauce you’ll love.  A “kissing cousin” of White BBQ Sauce, it features my Buffalo Flavor Dust along with several ingredients you’ll already have in the pantry.  It has a bit of a vinegar accent, so it pairs much better with food than on […]

Smoked Picanha Steak with Poblano Relish

smoked picanha with poblano relish

Picanha Steak is one of my favorite cuts of beef to eat.  Also known as a sirloin cap steak, culotte, or churrasca steak, the picanha steak is tender and absorbs flavor so readily it’s very versatile.  While most Americans generally only get these cuts at a Brazilian steakhouse, It is the most popular cut in […]

Smoked Chipotle Beef Spare Ribs

smoked beef ribs

Beef ribs don’t really get a lot of press or acclaim.  They’re bulky, to get tender they need an experienced hand, and frankly, when cooked properly, they just don’t look good.  However, when done right they are among the most flavorful bites you’ll get to try. My Smoked Chipotle Beef Spare Ribs recipe is simple, […]

Smoked Ancho Basil King Crab Legs

King crab legs are seriously my favorite dish.  As in, last-meal type of favorite food.  For the most part, I prefer a traditional King Crab Leg, the whole leg, gently steamed to just perfection, with plenty of warmed butter.  That, a glass of wine, and a perfectly cooked baked potato and some garlic sauteed green […]

Smoked Salisbury Steaks with Mushroom-Onion Gravy

Salisbury steaks are one of those classic meal choices that doesn’t seem to get enough attention.  Very simple to make, but they are satisfying and very delicious!  As normal, I like to amp up the flavor, so I developed this recipe to cook on a grill.  For this Smoked Salisbury Steaks with Mushroom-Onion Gravy recipe, […]