BBQ Chicken in Pink Butcher Paper

Smoking foods wrapped in pink butcher paper should not be reserved just for briskets.   I’ve cooked many meats in pink butcher paper and find it to be excellent for adding smokiness and retaining moisture in just about any smoked meat.  This recipe for BBQ chicken in pink butcher paper is one of those, and I was surprised at how juicy and smoky the chicken turned out, nd the skin was amazing!

For more info on cooking in butcher paper, see my post on Pork Butts.

BBQ Chicken in Pink Butcher Paper

For seasoning, I used two of my seasoning blends, Garlic Blend and Bold Rub.  Garlic Blend is my garlic forward season-all and will add a good, base flavor.  My Bold rub is a sugar-free seasoning blend that adds a hint of a kick and full flavor to the item.  It also makes for a nice color!

I cook the chicken until it reaches around 120 degrees internal temperature.  Make sure to use an oven thermometer or a MEATER to follow your cook.  When I wrap, I like to add some aromatics such as lemon, thyme, and sage. The butcher paper will help the chicken steam in it’s natural juices, and the aromatics will gently infuse into the flavor.  Just plain delicious, and doesn’t it make a pretty present?


I pull the chicken to rest when it reaches 160 degrees in the breast.  By this point, the thigh is registering around 170 or so.  Rest for 5-10 minutes and your temps will climb over 165 in the breast, which is the “safe” temp for consumption.  At this point, you can glaze with BBQ sauce, or just enjoy it.  The chicken was just ridiculously moist.

As always, keep smokin’ y’all!


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  1. I will be trying this on two chickens in my red brick smoke stack for Thanksgiving. Thank you!

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