Honey Peach Babyback Ribs

My new Honey Peach Rub is now available!  I’ve been developing this for a while, and it is amazing on chicken and pork.  I knew I had to work on a rib recipe for it, and I went all-in on some beautiful Prairie Fresh USA Prime® Ribs to make these delicious Honey Peach Babyback Ribs!

Peachy and Delicious

In addition to my new rub, I used my Peach Butter and Peach Syrup, along with my Classic BBQ Sauce for these ribs, and they turned out fantastic.  The cooking process is my pretty standard 4 hours at 275 cook time.  I wrap with foil after approximately 2 hours.  As I usually apply wet items during my wrapping period, I generally don’t use butcher paper for ribs.  These Honey Peach Babyback Ribs came out so well, I’ve made them several more times!

Wrap it up!

Ribs on the grill


Ribs after 2 hours of smoking

Competition BBQ cooks have used aluminum foil wraps for BBQ for years, and it’s pretty common in the backyard as well.  When you wrap a rib in foil (or pork butt, brisket, etc) you avoid the “stall.” The stall is when collagens and fats start rendering from meats and work their way to the surface of the meat.  They then evaporate, cooling the meat as it’s cooking.  This prolongs the cooking process by as much as several hours, depending on the size of the meats.  You can work your way through this process more quickly by wrapping the meats in butcher paper or aluminum foil.  Aluminum foil has the added benefit of allowing you to add flavoring agents for the meats to basically braise in as they cook.  Many competition cooks use a mixture of brown sugar, honey, honey, and seasoning during this time.  I changed that slightly for these ribs by using my peach butter, peach syrup, and Honey Peach Rub.

After wrapping, these ribs will cook for another 1.5-2 hours.  Check them for tenderness by opening the wrap and checking the bones.  When the meat has a slight bit of “give,” they’ll be ready.  Remove them from the wrap, glaze with the sauce/peach butter mix, and serve!

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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Honey Peach Babyback Ribs


Try my Honey Peach Babyback Ribs recipe for an amazing twist on cooking delicious babyback ribs!



2 slabs babyback ribs

3 TBS Honey Peach BBQ Rub, divided

2 TBS Peach Butter

1/2 cup Peach Syrup, divided

1/2 cup Classic BBQ Sauce

1/4 cup apple juice


Preheat Smoker to 275 degrees.  Prepare ribs by trimming any excess fat and removing the membrane from the back of the slabs. Season each slab on both sides usiing 1 TBS of Honey Peach rub for each slab.  Lightly cover, and allow to sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.

Place ribs on smoker meat side up.  Smoke for 2 hours.

Pull two large sheets of foil.  In the middle of the foil, place 1/2 TBS Peach Butter, 1/2 TBS Peach Syrup, and 1/4 TBS Honey Peach rub.  Place the ribs on the foil, meat side down, then repeat on the bone side of the ribs.  Wrap foil into an envelope, pouring in 2 TBS apple juice in each slab.

Return ribs to smoker and cook for 1.5-2 hours, or until desired tenderness is achieved.  Mix classic sauce with remaining peach syrup, then remove ribs from foil and place back on smoker, meat side up.  Glaze each rib with sauce, then allow to cook for 5 more minutes to “set” the sauce.  Remove ribs, let rest, then serve.