Grill Review- Hub Grill by Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

I get asked to review lots of grills.  As my house is literally chocked full of grills and smokers, I generally decline.  However, when I was sent a request to review the Hub grill from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal (yes, I know, long name right?)  I looked at the grill and it looked very interesting!  So, I accepted the work and got to cooking!

Features of the Hub Grill

The grill is very well designed and modern looking.  The grill cabinet stores the rotisserie rod through a neat side panel, and the rotisserie motor is built into the retractable rotisserie arms.  Pretty neat.  Another big feature of the grill is an electric starter for your charcoal.  Basically, pour a mound of charcoal in the middle, hit the ignite button, and your charcoal will be ready in about 20 minutes.  I spread the lit charcoal around and then add more.  The charcoal you can ignite is enough to grill on one side of the grill, depending on what your cooking.  There is ample storage in the cabinet.  Assembly was very easy, basically just unpacking, putting the legs on, and putting a few pieces in place.

Tell me about that rotisserie!

Yes, the rotisserie.  This is the feature that made me agree to review it.  Basically, there are two rotisserie support legs that can get locked into 4 positions.  Totally down, or three different heights (so you can cook at the appropriate heat level.)  The motor is built into one side.  The skewer is rather large, but the “claws” are well designed to hold your items in place.  I started with a tri-tip, which is rather hard to come by around here (quit taking all the tri-tip, California!)  It did an amazing job!  For the tri tip, I used Kingsford Cherry to give it a good smoke flavor.  You can also just add some wood chunks to give your meal a hint of smoke.  I give the rotisserie 10 stars for ease of use, good design, and having a great fun factor.

Grilling on the Hub

Grilling is equally easy.  I grilled some miso salmon on a cedar plank on it, plus tons of veggies.  The salmon showed the main drawback of the grill, no lid.  This grill is made for wide open grilling, with the control to the heat being the amount of fuel you have.  While the salmon turned out great, it was some extra work involved.  Stick to direct grilling your veggie, steaks and chops and you’ll be fine.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a higher end grill with an absolutely great rotisserie, the Hub grill may fit your needs.  As usual, y’all get out there and grill!


**I sometimes accept monetary or free products for my opinion as a paid endorser.  However, all my opinions are my own and I list so in any contract I accept,  and I always check out the products before I endorse them.


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  1. Thanks you so much for your review. I really like your website and wealth of knowledge you share. I am looking at Everdur Hub 2. THe new version of the original Hub you reviewed here. Do you know anything about that? Also I live in Texas, where do you suggest I purchase Everdure product from? thanks a lot.

    1. Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been out of town. I think the only difference in the grills is the rotisseries are automatically raised and lowered. So, it should perform the same. There are some online retailers, such as williams-sonoma. Just google the grill and I’m sure places will pop up. Enjoy!

  2. The absence of the lid is a real turn off for me. Losing some great smoke flavor. When the put a lid on it I’m a buyer.

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