Chorizo Pit Bean Shakshuka

Ok, yes, I know that Shakshuka is a dish of eggs cooked in a tomato sauce.  But, let’s take this up a couple of notches!  My recipe for Chorizo Pit Bean Shakshuka is full of amazing flavors in every bite, and can easily work as a breakfast, brunch, lunch to dinner dish!  It’s so filling […]

Now Carrying Imperial Cutelaria Knives from Brazil!

I’m so excited!  At the BBQ Allstars, we just received our initial shipment of Imperial Cutelaria Knives from Brazil!  These knives are hand-made, beautifully finished, and durable.  I just know you’ll love them as much as I do. Visiting Brazil In 2022, I decided to go to some places I haven’t visited before.  A chat […]

Honey Habanero Air Fryer Wings

Have you heard of my new line of Flavor Dusts?  They’re really awesome, and are good for so much more than wings (more on that later!) They’re so flavorful, you don’t even need to pre-season the wings before cooking if you don’t want to.  For this Honey Habanero Air Fryer Wings recipe, I did use […]

The Best Grilled Green Bean Casserole Ever!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been served the same green bean casserole for years every Thanksgiving.  Now, I’m a lover of comfort foods, but I thought surely there was a better way.  So, I made this recipe for the Best Grilled Green Bean Casserole Ever!  This recipe is sponsored by my friends at Johnsonville, […]

Smoked Chicken and White Bean Stew

Fall comfort food season is just starting in my neck of the woods, and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love stews, braises, beans, and the like for warming up on a chilly evening. I’m also pretty busy, so I like to multi-task my meals. This recipe for Smoked Chicken and White Bean Stew does […]

Rotisserie Chicken Wings with Jalapeños

Everybody loves a good chicken wing.  At my restaurant, we marinate our wings in hot sauce and BBQ rub for hours, then season them again before putting on a smoker.  After smoking, we flash fry them to order to get them uber crispy, then toss them in our guests selection of seasoning or sauce.  Our […]

Chilaquiles with Roasted Rojo and Verde Salsa

Chilaquiles are a super easy and amazingly delish dish that can fit the bill for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Chilaquiles are generally made with fried corn tortillas, salsa, cheese, and various toppings.  Add eggs and it’s a breakfast dish.  Some rancheros beans, and it’s a hearty lunch.  Add some chorizo and different garnishes, and it’s […]

Instant Pot Cajun Rice

I must admit I have become an instant pot fan over the years.  I don’t cook a lot of things in it, but it’s great on the dishes for which I use it.  Forget to soak some beans? No problem, have them ready in about an hour.  Want to have easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs?  No […]

Lucky 7 Smoked Salmon with Whole Grain Honey Mustard

I have several recipes on my blog with smoked salmon.  It’s a really versatile dish, it’s easy to cook, and most people like salmon.  So, if you’re picking a dinner item for a group, it’s a good choice.  For this dish, I slow smoked the salmon to 145 degrees, resulting in a much different texture […]

Woo Woo Turkey Melt with Worcestershire Aioli

A good patty melt marks off a lot of boxes for a satisfying and tasty meal.  It has toast for flavor and crunch, caramelized onions for sweetness, ooey-gooey melted cheese, because that’s awesome.  But, at the heart of it is a flavorful, seared patty that sends that satisfying signal to all of your taste buds. […]