South of the Border Stuffed Bell Peppers

The post is sponsored by my friends at Johnsonville.  Sausage isn’t a side meat, make it the star of the show!  Recipes and opinions, are, as always, my own.

Stuffed bell peppers?  I’m a fan, and they’re a nice, easy treat.  If you really want to jazz them up for your next dinner, go for some south-of-the-border flavor with Johnsonville Chorizo.  And, as an extra flavor-enhancer- you guessed it, get out there and grill!

I made this recipe with an eye on tailgating or meal prep.  It’s really easy to make ahead, then cook.  Prep them the day before you hed to the game, then you can cook them on your grill and enjoy hot, fresh stuffed bell peppers!

Johnsonville Chorizo

Johnsonville Chorizo is fresh sausage available in one-pound packages.  It is loosely packed (not put in casings) so it’s super easy to brown it for your peppers or whatever recipe you are making.  Prep for this recipe only takes about 15-20 minutes, so you can get it done fast and be out of the kitchen.  This recipe makes enough for 6-8 peppers, depending on size.  I like to use a mixture of red and green bell peppers.  Don’t forget to slightly shave off the bottom of the peppers so they’ll sit on the grill!

Grilling Stuffed Bell Peppers

You’ll need to run an indirect or two-zone fire for this recipe.  The stuffing is already cooked, but you’ll need to get it hot to unlock the deliciousness.  You can run your grill anywhere from 275 (will take about 35-40 minutes) to 350 (25-30 minutes.)  I like to go hot on the grill, so I ran at 350, with some pecan wood chunks for flavor.  If you’re cooking these right after prepping them (when the chorizo is warm,) you can deduct a few minutes from that time.  I don’t blanch the peppers, as I like a bit of texture still in them.  Cook until the peppers are softened, and the filling is hot.  Top with plenty of cheese, cook for 3-5 more minutes or until the cheese is melted, and enjoy!

Although I love to cook everything on the grill,  don’t worry if you don’t have a grill, just cook them in the oven!