Steakhouse Style Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms are one of my favorite sides, especially when I’m cooking steak.  Being an old hand in the restaurant business, I’ve cooked more than my share of mushrooms.  I love many different types of mushrooms, and use many in different dishes.  Someone asked me to write this recipe for a good steak side item, […]

Reverse Seared Cowboy Ribeye with Kingsford Signature Flavors

This post is brought to you by my friends at Kingsford® When you want an awesome steak, you have to start with an awesome steak.  I’m a huge fan of ribeyes.  They have so much marbling, flavor, and if cooked right, the perfect texture.  But again, when I want a special steak, I go with […]

My Favorite Beef Stew Recipe

It gets really hot and muggy in Mississippi.  By the time we have our 4 or 5 days of Fall weather, I am soooo ready to make beef stew.  It’s my favorite thing when it gets cold outside, and I love to make it the low and slow way, and let those delicious aromas permeate […]