Smoked Chipotle Beef Spare Ribs

smoked beef ribs

Beef ribs don’t really get a lot of press or acclaim.  They’re bulky, to get tender they need an experienced hand, and frankly, when cooked properly, they just don’t look good.  However, when done right they are among the most flavorful bites you’ll get to try. My Smoked Chipotle Beef Spare Ribs recipe is simple, […]

BBQ Chicken in Pink Butcher Paper

Smoking foods wrapped in pink butcher paper should not be reserved just for briskets.   I’ve cooked many meats in pink butcher paper and find it to be excellent for adding smokiness and retaining moisture in just about any smoked meat.  This recipe for BBQ chicken in pink butcher paper is one of those, and […]

BBQ with Butcher Paper

*I’m thrilled to announce I partnered with Reynolds Kitchens® to show off their NEW butcher paper for this post! Butcher Paper is not just for Briskets! Everywhere you look on the internet, butcher paper is the stylish new product to use in BBQ.  However, you’ll also see that almost all of the references online are […]