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Grilled Spicy Sausage and Cornbread Dressing


This recipe for Grilled Spicy Sausage and Cornbread Dressing combines the best of Sausage-stuffing recipes and Southern Dressing recipes.  Plus, cooking it on the grill frees up space in the kitchen and adds some amazing smoky nuance to your dish.  Perfect for fried or smoked turkeys!



1 pound fresh Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage, browned and drained

8 cups lightly crumbled cornbread

4 pieces torn white bread

68 cups low sodium chicken stock

3 stalks celery, finely diced

2 medium yellow onions, finely diced

1 TBS minced garlic

1 TBS rubbed sage

1.5 TBS cajun seasoning

Salt and pepper


Preheat smoker or grill to 325 to 350 degrees

To a large mixing bowl, add all ingredients except chicken stock.  Add in chicken stock 2 cups at a time, stirring while adding.  Keep adding stock until mixture is very wet.

Place in a large casserole dish.  Wrap outside of dish with aluminum foil.  Cook for 40-50 minutes, or until set and browned on top.  Remove foil, and serve.