Wagyu Ribeye Caps

note:  I am a paid ambassador for Mishima Reserve, but all opinions and recipes are my own.

Spinalis Dorsi, or Ribeye cap steak is one of the juiciest, most tender and most flavorful cuts on a beef.  But let’s go serious next level steak-eating experience with wagyu ribeye caps from my friends at Mishima Reserve.  This cap of ribeye flight is one of their specials for the holiday season and is amazing.  It features a 4 star, a 5 star and an ultra grade of wagyu ribeye caps.  Amazing.

How to cook special cuts of meat

Let’s be real, ribeye cap, especially highly-graded wagyu ones, is not an everyday steak.  They are for special occasions and making memories.  So, when it’s time to cook these steaks, you want to get it right.  The best way, in my opinion, is to cook them with a reverse-sear method.  Cooking this way ensures you’re going to get it right to the temperature you’re looking for, and have a great sear as well.

reverse sear methodsearing steaks

Preparing Wagyu Ribeye Caps

Because of where they are trimmed from, ribeye caps are generally thin.  I lightly seasoned both sides of the caps with a coat of my Grillin’ Shake and my Bold Rub.  Then, roll the steaks as tightly as possible and tie off with butcher twine.  This will help you maintain your desired temperature through cooking.

Set up your grill to run indirectly, that is, all of your fuel, fire, and wood for a smoke flavor (if desired) on one side of the grill, and leave room for your steaks on the other side.  By doing this, we are going to slowly bring the steaks up close to the temperature you desire, then finish them with a quick sear. This will allow you to absolutely hit the perfect temp for you.  I really recommend medium-rare to fully enjoy the flavor these special steaks have but to each their own.

Finishing the steaks

With this method, an oven thermometer is much needed.  You want to cook them slowly but consistently.  I run my grill at 250 degrees for this stage and removed them when they hit 110 degrees.  Then, while they rest for 10 minutes, open up the grill, add more fuel if necessary and let it get hot.  It’s searing time.  Put the steaks back on the grill just long enough to get a nice sear, get to your desired temperature, and then serve.  There is no need for any further resting.

I served my steaks with my chimichurri sauce recipe, and it really went well together.

The steak flight was amazing.  The 4 Star grade was terrific, the 5 star was amazing and the Ultra grade left me speechless.  I suggest cooking the flight and then slicing them for guests to try all of the grades.  Especially if someone hasn’t had a ribeye cap steak before, they are about to have their taste buds amazed!

As always, I hope you enjoy!