Pink Peppercorn Sauce

pink peppercorn sauce

I love love love pink peppercorns!  Pink peppercorns are actually berries from a shrub known as Peruvian Peppertree.  They are called peppercorns only because they resemble them in appearance and have a mild, peppery flavor.  I love to make pink peppercorn sauces of many varieties.  This recipe for a pink peppercorn sauce incorporates beef stock […]

Peruvian Chicken Sauce

This simple sauce brings a creamy freshness to almost any dish.  I call it my “Peruvian Chicken sauce,” as it goes exceptionally well with my Smoked Chicken “Peruvian Style.”  This sauce goes well with just about any simply grilled fish or meat, so feel free to pour it on! This sauce uses Aji Amarillo paste, […]