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Smoked Beef Rib Bites


These super-tasty beef rib bites take a bit of time, but are easy to prepare.  Just slather with my Woo Woo Sauce, then rub with my Coal Play seasoning and smoke for about 3 hours.  Cut into individual bites and serve at the next game!



2 slabs beef spare ribs

1 TBS Woo Woo Sauce, or Worcestershire sauce

2 TBS Coal Play Seasoning, or your favorite beef rub


Remove membranes from back of ribs.

Lightly rub fronts and backs of each rib with Woo Woo, then sprinkle thoroughly with Coal Play

Place in 275 degree smoker for 3 hours.  Wrap in foil after 2 hours to help tenderize the ribs.

Remove from foil and cut into 1 bone sections.  Lightly sauce and serve.