Scenes from the Memphis Farmers Market

Weekends are usually super busy for me with restaurants or appearances.  This weekend I planned to cook a BBQ contest however, so I managed to get my ducks-in-a-row so I could go compete.  However, Mother Nature had a different idea in the form of a tropical storm, and the contest I had planned to attend had to cancel.  So I decided to make a visit to the Memphis Farmers Market and get some fresh produce.  Really, this was a search for blackberries, and anything extra was going to be a bonus!

Speaking of a bonus, you may know of my affinity for shishito peppers.  Lo and behold, there was a farmer from Arkansas that had some!  In my excitement, I forgot to get a pic.  Just know, I appreciate them!  (I also purchased all he had!)

I’ll be updating this post with some of the recipes I made from my finds.  The first one I had to do was a grilled blackberry upside down cake!  Let me tell you, it was wonderful.  Try it if you get a chance!

decisions, decisions!

The farmers market is held Saturdays during the summer, and is usually quite busy.  Today was no exception, but the vendors had plenty of beautiful produce, flowers, live music and other goods available.  If you’re in the downtown Memphis area on the weekend, try and go to the market.  Support your local farmers and go enjoy great food!

Nice crowd at the market
Beautiful peaches! I bought a case to make cobblers and just eat fresh!
These guys always have wonderful mushrooms
Blue oysters mushrooms are evidently a big seller!
pretty green bell peppers
I love some chow chow, and I try to get by here and stock up
This lady is so nice. She also makes the best chow chow!
Jim O’Brien was selling his Crazy good sauces and mixes.
Look at this squash!
And finally, Beautiful Blackberries!
Until next time!