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Backyard Smoked Brisket Flat


Cooking a brisket seems to intimidate people, but let me tell you that shouldn’t be the case.  For this recipe, I use a brisket flat, and the total time was only 6 hours, perfect for a Sunday afternoon smoke!  I used my Coal Play Beef Rub to get an amazing flavorful crust!



1 8-10 lb beef brisket flat

23 TBS Coal Play Beef Rub, or your favorite brisket rub

2/3 cup beef stock


Prepare a smoker to run at 275 degrees, with your favorite wood flavor.   Pull brisket out of the refrigerator, lightly rinse and pat dry.   Using a filet knife, trim off fat and silverskin from the meat side of the brisket.  Trim any large fat deposits.  Season meat side heavily with seasoning, then allow to sit out, lightly covered, for 30 minutes before placing on smoker.

Place on smoker meat side up.  Allow to cook until brisket temperature reaches 150 degrees.  Remove brisket and wrap in heavy-duty foil, pour in beef stock, then seal foil.  Cook until it reaches 200 degrees, then start checking for tenderness.  When a probe can be inserted in the meat and the meat has little resistance, pull the brisket from the smoker.  Carefully pour out juices, then rest brisket in a small cooler covered in a towel for an hour.

Pour the juices into a fat separator and allow to sit out to allow the fat to separate.  After the brisket has rested, slice against the grain in 1//4″ slices.  Pour juices over brisket and serve.