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Chipotle Pecan Short Ribs

Short ribs are among my favorite things in the world.  Just the smell of them slowly cooking is enough to drive me crazy.  These Chipotle Pecan short ribs are so simple, because I just used my new Chipotle Pecan ...

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glazed pheasant

Asian Glazed Smoked Pheasant

If you're not a hunter in the midwest, pheasant is not a game bird with much awareness.  However, it is truly delectable when cooked properly, and should be more popular.  This recipe for Asian glazed smoked pheasant ...

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Melissa’s Big Present Giveaway for 2020!

Melissa's Big Present Giveaway! I'm so excited about this year's December Giveaway!  I'm so lucky to be partnered with some amazing brands, and they have generously donated some awesome prizes.  Plus, I've launched ...

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